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Ladestation Pure Bambus

charging docks - The ALLDOCK line of charging docks does exactly what its name sounds like—charges multiple devices at once so that all smart devices can be k.

An all-on-one eight HDMI input solution that streamlines all your media boxes, consoles, Blu-ray players, cable television into one box.

Caavo Intelligently Simplifies Home Entertainment

This media streaming box wants to simplify TV browsing and viewing into its most elegant and simplified one-stop, voice activated conclusion.

Auch cool für das neue Büro

The Original G. Bamboo Wood Multi-device Charging Station and Dock - Charges all your devices in one place. Compatible with Apple iPhone, iPads, Samsung Galaxy, MacBook, Smartphones & Tablets

VanDock 47 Dockingstation [MDFweiß]

VanDock 47 Dockingstation [MDFweiß]

Schubladen-Steckdose: mögliche Umsetzung

The TOH Top 100: Best New Home Products 2014

Kitchen: Dock in a Box docking drawer for charging power electronics out of sight. via illustrating The TOH TOP 100 Best New Home Products

Ladestation Pure Bambus | Alldock

Oplaadstation Lisa, wit/bruin, B 22 cm

Geometric Wall Planters Fantastic Wall Arts

Geometric Wall Planters

Geometric Wall Planters Fantastic Wall Arts

the Edyn Garden Sensor

Garden Sensor Keeps You Connected to Garden

The Wooden Charging Station Boasts Integrated Apple Watch Stand and 4 USB Ports

With its multiple grooves and four USB ports, the wooden charging station charges your mobile devices, and integrated Apple Watch stand keeps your smartphone in

One dock to charge them all.... and in the darkness bind them! #homedecor #technology

ALLDOCK: One Dock to Charge Them All

ALLDOCK is one cohesive, modern unit that charges all of your portable electronic devices, from smartphones to tablets to even the Apple Watch.

Instead of using rope pulley system, it would be much safer to use Air Rope when crossing floodwaters.

Air Rope - Inflatable Rescue Tunnel for Flood Situations by Lee Jee Won, Lee Yong Ho, Lee Juan - Air Rope is an inflatable rescue tunnel that can be deployed during flood situations. It is a safer option to the rope pulley system and is easier to use.

33 DIY Ideas That Will Make Your Backyard a Hangout Destination This Summer - OMG Facts - The World's #1 Fact Source

This would be cook for crayfish boil! I think anything with built in cooler space is probably a good idea for summer. Kids wagon, outside seating, or this: DIY Patio Table With Built-In Beer/Wine Coolers.

Ordnung für Kabel: Ladestation für Handys & Co Endlich kein Kabelgewirr mehr. So ordnen Sie Ihre Ladekabel sinnvoll und übersichtlich..

Ordnung für Kabel: Ladestation für Handys & Co Endlich kein Kabelgewirr mehr. So ordnen Sie Ihre Ladekabel sinnvoll und übersichtlich..

USB -LadeWürfelKlotz Beton

USB -LadeWürfelKlotz Beton

Diy Concrete, Concrete Design, Decorative Concrete, Usb, Man Cave Accessories, Diy Lamps, Wood Work, Cubes, Men Cave

If you thought a secret room was cool...check out this secret garage!

Porch facade garage door - so crazy it works! Looks much nicer than a garage door!