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Queen Marie Leszczynska

Portrait of Marie Leszczynska, Queen of France - Charles-André van Loo (detail).

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Queen Marie Antionette with her two children, 1785

marie antoinette children 1785

1785 Marie Antoinette Walking in the park at Versailles with her Children, Louis Charles and Madame Royale by Adolf Ulrich Wertmüller

Marie-Antoinette (1787) Elisabeth Louise Vigee-Lebrun Collect

Marie-Antoinette and her Four Children, 1787 Postcard

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Charles van Loo - Queen of France, Marie Leszczynska (1703-1768)

Marie Leszczinska, Queen of France 1747 by Charles-André van Loo Marie Leszczyńska

The Hameau de la Reine Marie Therese & Louis Charles with temple of Love in background, 1788.

A portrait of Louis-Charles and Marie-Therese Charlotte, children of Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette by Ludwig Guttenbrunn. source: my scan; Marie-Therese: The Fate of Marie-Antoinette’s Daughter by Susan Nagel

1788 Portrait of Marie-Therese, Princesse de Lamballe. Note the fashionable curled & powdered hair.

This closeup from the 1788 Hickel portrait shows the lace ruffles decorating the Princess de Lamballe's dress, the waist band, and waistline.

Madame Louise de France Seventh and youngest daughter of King Louis XV and Queen Marie Leszczynska  painted by Jean Marc Nattier in 1748

Princess Louise-Marie of France by Jean-Marc Nattier Known as Madame Louise, she was daughter of Louis XV, shown here in a court dress and holding a basket of flowers.

View of the garden of Versailles during the  cutting of the trees in the winter of 1774-1775  (detail of the painting with Louis XVI and Marie-Antoinette ), 1775 by Hubert Robert (1733-1808) (Réunion des musées nationaux)

painting depicting Marie Antoinette, Louis XVI and entourage at teh Tapis Vert in by Hubert Robert.

Marie Lezcinska, wife of Louis XV, Queen of France by Jean Marc Nattier

I love this portrait. Marie Leczinska Queen of France, Jean-Marc Nattier (French, Frick Art & Historical Center, Pittsburgh,

DETAIL - Adolf Ulrik Wertmüller, Queen Marie-Antoinette and two of her Children Walking in the Park of Trianon 1785

Maria Theresa, Archduchess of the Holy Roman Empire and the imperial family, 1755 by Martin van Meytens. A new born Marie Antoinette is in the gilded cradle in the center of the painting.

1756 Maria Theresia family by Martin van Meytens (Schloss Schoenbrunn, Wien)

Giusto de’ Menabuoi (1330-1390), Cycle de l’Apocalypse : La Bête qui monte de…

Giusto de’ Menabuoi : Cycle de l’Apocalypse (fresque). A rare (correct) rendering of the Beast based on the description given by John of Patmos.

Archduchess Maria Anna of Habsburg-Lorraine.jpg

Antoinette and her sisters: Archduchess Maria Anna of Habsburg-Lorraine.