Knife typography - Farhad Moshiri’s installation ‘Life is Beautiful’

Knife typography - Farhad Moshiri’s installation ‘Life is Beautiful’. Only very loosely linked to food through the idea of preparation and chopping, more interesting from a medium is the message aspect. A really interesting idea.

MINI! And Dior!

My Vogue car is a necessity and and accessory & will drive me to all the fashionable destinations ♡

Iranian artist Farhad Moshiri's latest installation titled 'Life is Beautiful', was created using hundreds of knives stabbed directly into a gallery wall. The use of everyday objects, which on occasion can become lethal weapons, reveals the underlying sarcastic ambiguity of Farhad's statement.

Iranian artist, Farhad Moshiri used his sharp wit in an art installation featuring the words ‘Life is Beautiful’ formed entirely from kitchen knives stabbed into a wall.

Type on wall

Type on wall

Alphabet Topography is a physical examination of letterforms as it relates to usage frequency. Vowels and consonants like “R” and “T” were given more vertical prominence while lesser-used letters like “W” and “G” hardly make a blip.

Yale graduates Caspar Lam and YuJune Park of Synoptic Office created this incredible topographic map of the alphabet, which gives the most-used letters like ‘A’ and ‘T’ the most vertical prominence.

by Joshua Scott for Bullett Magazine

Photographer Joshua Scott created this fantastic toy typography for a youth-focused feature in BULLETT Magazine.

First Light by Marylin Davis. Tissue paper over Aluminum foil

First Light: Mixed media using aluminum foil and tissue paper. Interesting media choice--very successfully implemented. I appreciate the darker color scheme as well.

Do It Yourself

Farhad Moshiri, I'm So Fucking Happy, 2010 ~ Approximately knives installed Directly on the white gallery wall. by Farhad Moshiri

USA pop art: Comic-book cuttings on a page from one of Lichtenstein's notebooks

Artist Allen Jones pays his respects to the late great American Pop Artist Roy Lichtenstein in Tate Etc.

Painting supplies.

Cy Twombly’s desk (Photo by David Seidner from Artists at Work).I'm a sucker for art supplies

Watching Trees . 16 x 20 giclee art print

Holiday, 18 x 24 inch painting

Swing Art Installation | A Cup of Jo

Swing Art Installation