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We cannot look away from these stunning Chinese “Fantastic Beasts” posters

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them SPOILER: It makes so much sense why he cares why Dumbeldor (his former best friend) liked Newt so much

10 Books For Adults Who Love Harry Potter

10 Books For Adult Harry Potter Fans

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The Golden Trio ⚡

“As for who has the worst crush on her – me or Radcliffe – I’d rather not say.” - rupert alexander lloyd grint <<<<<<<<< she is so oblivious to it.

"Your skull is susceptible to breakage under immense force." Newt fails to reassure Jacob, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.

She's a mother, a lover, a hero, etc. . She's bloody Hermione Granger. The HP era equivalent of Marauder's Era of Lily Evans

Hermione Granger is more than just the brightest witch of her age. She is also the bravest strongest and kindest

I really love the way Newt's character was written

The way his hair falls in his eyes makes me wonder if he'll ever see through my disguise and I'm under his spell :)

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(x) Fantastic Beasts Reportedly Set For “Elaborate Stunt” at VidCon Major movie studios are now heading to this year’s event, held th.

Buy both of these awesome Harry Potter luggage tags for $25 (includes shipping) o-o

"This bag belongs at Hogwarts" and "Please Return to Platform 9 & inspired by the movie, Harry Potter (Warner Bros.) & leather tags & from the shop MesaDreams on Etsy (I will always be a Harry Potter geek )