Geronimo's daughter

Geronimo’s daughter, Lenna ca. 1900 was Bedonkohe-Mescalero and born 1886 at Fort Marion in St. while her father was a prisoner there. The medical staff named her Marion (after the fort) but she took the name Lenna.

Cochise - 1815-1874 Though actually pronounced K-you Ch-Ish, this Apache leader is second only to Geronimo when it comes to that tribe’s historical significance. Often described as having the classical Indian frame; muscular, large for the time, and known to wear his long, black hair in a traditional pony tail, Cochise aided in the uprising to resist intrusions by Mexicans and American in the 19th century.

the legendary Cochise, Chiricahua Apache, and His Wife . This is the only picture I have ever seen of Cochise- if it is him- he had a great aversion to photography, as did many First Nation people.

Assiniboine Boy

Portrait of a young boy, Assiniboine Indian reservation, Montana, United States, photograph by Burt Glinn.