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Inspired by the elements of greeting cards, gift boxes, and miniatures, these tiny cards are hand-crafted from real matchboxes and hand colored individually to give each of them that very personalized feel. But the best part has to do with the connection

Funny Birthday Matchbox-cards Set of 5/Cute Birthday by 3XUdesign

Cute Birthday Matchbox-cards - Set of 5 - Animal Birthday Greeting Cards - Assorted Birthday Boxed Card Set for Kids - Unique Birthday Gift for Her, for Him -

Funny Valentine's Day Card/ Valentines Proposal Card by 3XUdesign

Funny Love Card/ Cute Proposal Card / Engagement Card /Love Confession Card/ "Okay you win" - "I'm Yours"

these are paint splattered notebooks. I wouldnt splatter a notebook though…                                                                                                                                                                                 Mais

The best thing about heading back to school at the end of the summer is stocking up on the cutest/coolest school supplies. There’s something almost cathartic about purchasing new pens, pencils, eraser (Best Colors Pens)

Quando foi a última vez que você enviou um cartão com mensagem? Provavelmente já faz um bom tempo. Se cartões já são bem simpáticos, imagine caixinhas de fósforo com mensagens fofas! Em tempos digi…

Essas caixinhas de fósforo viraram cartões com mensagens fofas

Cute Love Card/ Cute Anniversary Card/ Love Card I by 3XUdesign

Cute Valentine Card/ Valentine's Day Card/ Cute Anniversary Card/ Love Card "I love you" Matchbox / Message box "You've got mail"

Cute DIY Matchbox Cards for Missing you

Cute DIY Matchbox Cards for Missing you

Cute Matchboxes to Profess Love  Trang Hoang is an artist who likes to play with symbols and words. She revisits little matchboxes in order to create adorable little messages to profess your love. Little illustrated characters and plays of words that reveal all their poetry one the boxe opened. These adorable objects are available on the artists online shop.            #xemtvhay

Cute Matchboxes to Profess Love

Bee Valentine Card/ Funny Cute Love Card/ Anniversary Card/ Matchbox /Gift box / Message box "I'm a Bee" - "And I love you Honey"