Martin Luther's tomb in Wittenberg Castle Church.

Retracing Martin Luther's Steps

A modern-day look at the towns in which Martin Luther began to protest the power and practices of the Roman Catholic Church nearly 500 years ago.

Luther House Wittenberg Today Wittenburg is know as LutherStadt and the entire city celebrates it’s role in the Reformation. As we approach the 500th anniversary of the nailing of the 95 Theses, the town is busy refurbishing the Castle Church and preparing for the influx of tourists coming for the anniversary. We enjoyed walking through the old town which holds four sites which are now UNESCO World Heritage sites because of their role in the Reformation.

Luther House Wittenberg Today Wittenburg is know as LutherStadt and the entire…

Martin Luther's Reformation Church - Lutherstadt-Wittenburg, Germany

Where my great grandfather was born in // Martin Luther's Reformation Church - Lutherstadt-Wittenburg, Germany

The famous sites of the Reformation in Wittenberg are among the most important places in German history. The Church of St. Mary, where Luther preached and shared both bread and wine during Holy Communion for the first time, and the castle church, where Luther's grave is located, attract visitors from all over the world every year.

Lutherstadt Wittenberg, a Protestant place of pilgrimage, is regarded as the cradle of the Reformation. It was here that Martin Luther nailed his 95 theses to the door of the castle church on 31 October

Main Square, Wittenberg, Germany

Wittenberg, Germany-I loved stopping here on my Europe tour. The people were friendly, the food was cheap, and I soaked up as much Reformation history as I could.

Luthers Tomb at the Castle Church - Wittenberg, Germany

Wittenberg ~ Saxony-Anhalt ~ Germany ~ Martin Luther's Tomb in the Castle Church…

Altar at Cathedral of St. John the Baptist -- Savannah, GA. Beauty bears witness to good stewardship made possible only by Love. The most extravagant cathedral and more humble traditional churches have that in common. Iconoclasm will always be ugly, no matter the price tag. That we are to be temples of the Holy Spirit works in reverse, too: we might see the interior of a beautiful Catholic church as a reflection of the rightly ordered, abundant spiritual life that Catholicism enables.

John the Baptist -- Savannah, Georgia ~ What beautiful colors! Take that, "Beige Catholicism"!