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Look what I found on Anonygo

Anonygo - Anonymous Photo Stream on the App Store

(7) Twitter

(7) Twitter

this is probably a real story....but on the other hand O_O he to short to be slendy

This is not true. Slender is just a picture photoshopped into other pictures.yea, slenderman isn't real but creepy to think

I love the idea of this! This means I can ship Link/Malon and Link/Midna!

I've kinda always assumed, for some reason, that OoT Link ended up with Malon. <<< I've always supported this ship over Link and Zelda

Flight 93 on 9-11-01 made a hole in the ground about 16x21 feet. About the size of what a missile would make when hitting the ground not a jet plane. Really Creepy!!!!

Flight 93 on made a hole in the ground about feet. About the size of what a missile would make when hitting the ground not a jet plane. False Flag Event this was no plane crash

33 Conspiracy theories that turned out to be true, what every person should know - LIBRARY OF MOST CONTROVERSIAL FILES

Illuminati Exposed: The History (Timeline) Of The Great US Conspiracy (New World Order)

Not sure about illuminati, but we do convieniently forget alot of this stuff. Laws actually passed, real acts passed

Soon we will hear that there is no a single muslim in Burma...  Budhists are trying to exterminate them by burning them with fire and destroying their houses and mosques ....    Remark: Asian muslims are terribly silent like there is nothing happening near them

Rohinga Muslim genocide by Burmese Buddhists. These are school children murdered simply for being Muslim.

What will the world look like in the future? This infographis tells us what the future holds for the science and tech world.

38 Predictions About the Future

Interesting to see predictions for me lifetime! BBC - Future - Technology - Tomorrow’s world: A guide to the next 150 years.