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Trichopilia galeotiana

This specie is found around 1000 to 1500 meters, flowers are 6 to 8 cms long, most of times no more than 3 flowers per pseudobulb, it is almos the same as T marginata, but in yellow form. Grow with direct sunlight but it does fine with some shade.

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Species from Vietnam. Individual flower size Here in Europe it is usually incorrectly sold as B. This is probably a yellow form of B.

Anybody knows what is the name?

Red-Hot-Lips: Psychotria flowers (Rubiaceae) in the forest at Alberto Manuel Brenes Biological Reserve, Costa Rica

Cattleya guttata alba.jpg (Image JPEG, 1066 × 1600 pixels)

Cattleya guttata alba.jpg (Image JPEG, 1066 × 1600 pixels)

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Orchid at the Mexico pavilion Epcot Center Flower Garden Festival. Im normally not an orchid person, but this is lovely.