The Sweet Spot: Quilling 102

You've probably heard of quilling in relation to hedgehogs, but this has nothing to do with spiky little critters. Quilling is a.

hmmm, thats interesting...that would make it much easier now wouldn't it?  I do it old school like my grandma taught me

As you probably know, paper quilling or paper filigree can be used for creating greeting cards, decorating objects and even building thre.

Quilling Valentines: Script

Quilling Valentines: Script

Quilling script tutorial from Martha Stewart [see also How to Make Quilled Cards slideshow www. ] Ann Martin has some great tips on cursive quilling here www.

Quilling for Beginners | How to Quill Paper Flowers, Letters and Much More! â˜

★ Quilling for Beginners


Quilling: The Best Craft You've Never Heard of

Detailed Paper Typography. Artist is Sabeena Karnik, she specializes in creating letters with a floral theme. You can find her artwork on Absoluteuly LOVE the color scheme. #quilling

Paper quilling letters is one of the best way to use quilling ideas to make beautiful letters and patterns.Sabeena Karnik paper quilling is popular.

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The slotted quilling tool provides the ability to quickly and easily produce tight rolls. The rubber handle makes it easier and more comfortable to use when rolling your quilling paper.