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Orlando’s photos use programmable LED sticks that can blink or change colors over time, which is how he was able to ensure that each paddle stroke was captured.

The Motions Of Canoers and Kayakers Revealed With LEDs In Long Exposure Photography

Ontario-based photographer Stephen Orlando is fascinated with human movement and uses programmable LED light sticks attached to kayak paddles, people, racquets, and other objects to translate that movement into photographic light paintings.

Двойное: движение и музыка, которая тоже движение

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Launch Control Room, Titan ICBM Missile Silo 395 Charlie, Vandenberg Air Force Base, CA, 1995. “Launch Complex 395 Charlie was, for a time, a museum and you could arrange to tour. The technology, though impressive, appears dated. The liquid-fueled Titan II ICBMs were replaced by safer, solid-fuel rocket systems.”

Fascinating Photos of NASA's Abandoned Launch Sites

Mothballed Launch Sites Stand as Monuments to the US Space Program — Vantage — Medium

bubble popping sequence: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-1199149/Super-slow-motion-pictures-soap-bubble-bursting-stunning-detail.html

Super-slow-motion pictures show soap bubble bursting in stunning detail

nuncalosabre.Fotografía. Photography - Matthew Pillsbury

Matthew Pillsbury, Dinner at Cloud Revolving Restaurant, Vancouver, 2009

Long Exposure Photos Of Traffic Lights In The Fog By Lucas Zimmermann | Bored Panda

Long Exposure Photos Of Traffic Lights In The Fog By Lucas Zimmermann

Sometimes simple ideas lead to amazing results, and Lucas Zimmermann& photo series Traffic Lights is a perfect example of that. Lucas started the project in 2013 but now he& back with Traffic Lights and all of the images are oddly satisfying to look at.