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We created a piece where we were dolls that "came to life" when our owner left. We all had contrasting personalities and wondered about a "wider reality" to the one we know. We encorperated both frantic assembly and complicité.

Beaded in Black - very Chicago the Musical!

Vivian in Black cocktail dress - Pretty Woman circa 1990 - Julia Roberts 👄

1 6 Hispanic Barbie Repaint Ken OOAK AA Asian World Barbie by Doll Anatomy | eBay

1/6 hispanic barbie repaint-ken ooak-aa asian world barbie- by doll anatomy

Machi- Asian Barbie Fashionistas Doll #3 OOAK Repaint by DollAnatomy.com

Machi is a full repaint. She has a Asian Fashionista (Lea sculpt) head, and she has been re- bodied with a Tris Divergent body.