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Tetrahedron Necklace by Emilie

Tetrahedron Necklace by Emilie

Bead Origami: New Pattern and Kits: Half Tila Technocluster Set

Bead Origami: Half Tila Technocluster Beaded Pendant and Earrings by Cindy Holsclaw

Martina Nagele | Encrusted Kepler Star, formed by two intersecting second generation Sierpinski tetrahedrons.

Its two serpinskies pyramids with a combined center void and she did this with beads (°○°)?

gwenbeads: Infinite Polyhedra and Cubic Honeycombs in Beads

Tetrahedral-octahedral honeycomb beaded bead by Gwen Fisher (Gwenbeads)

Buckyball mosaic

Prolific supermagnet sculptor's prodigious portfolio