Frozen - Elsa by ~TheFatalImpact on deviantART

Frozen - Elsa

Frozen HD Wallpaper and background photos of Elsa for fans of Frozen images.

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Frozen Anna and Elsa playing together as kids

These sisters are Nina and Blaine. Nina is 5 and loves her sister. Blaine is 8 and loves ice skating.

Elsa with Different Powers | Elsa with opposite powers! #frozen #elsa #fire

Imagine if Elsa had fire powers, rather than ice powers. If she set off an eternal summer instead of winter. Or if her castle was a palace of fire.<--- so basically, if Anna's wish came true and Elsa had tropical powers.


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Frozen: Merry Christmas 2013 by Justsui on DeviantArt

Merry Christmas 2013 everyone! This is the first time I draw a picture for celebrating Christmas day!

Frozen art from “Anna’s Act of Love”/”Elsa’s Icy Magic”

takemetoneverlandok: “Frozen art from “Anna’s Act of Love” ”Elsa’s Icy Magic” ”

Frozen And Lion King Are The Same Movie - Part I

Mufasas death was waaaaaay sadder, more dramatic and darker the parents in frozen. They are not the same movie.Lion King is better , always has been always will be end of story.


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