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cactos na decoração - Pesquisa Google

Try painting some old plant pots to breathe new life into your Yucca display. White works as a great contrast to the lush green.

Urban Jungle Bloggers: Give a Friend a Plant via @floralist

Happy Urban Jungle blogger - A Plant for a Friend!

Une maison pleine de plantes à Portland

Fleurs, plantes et esprit bohème hippie

Lovely way to display smaller unique plants - Bursting With Plants, a 1910 Portland Foursquare for a Florist and Barista

How Can You Create an Indoor Space That Feels Like The Outdoors 3

How Can You Create an Indoor Space That Feels Like The Outdoors

Humans have a natural feel for the outdoor environment. The earth, sky, water, plants and other outdoor elements will make you feel refreshed and calm.

Planting indoors. Try it our with our Succulent Garden Root Bowl: http://www.vivaterra.com/succulent-garden-in-root-bowl.html

Rebecca's Entry Hallway: Two Different Looks

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MONSTERA OBLIQUA: I am in love with this new plant, I will find one soon, I love the natural holes in the leaves!

I must get this plant! Monstera Obliqua “Swiss Cheese Vine” easy to grow in bright indirect light and good soil. Can be allowed to trail like this, or grown up on a post or trellis. Leaves get bigger as it ages.

Cactus & Succulents

Room decoration using cactus is never ending. Starting from the real cactus, cactus displays, to the cactus made of stone. Methods, planting media, and pots used to plant cactus and important infor…

Infographie : les 9 plantes increvables

Infographie : les 9 plantes d'intérieur invincibles !

Ne tuez plus vos plantes.