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No-show: George Michael failed to show up for the wedding of close pal Geri Halliwell last year amid fears over his health

In memory of George Michael /George with Garth Brooks

In memory of George Michael /George with Garth Brooks


Andros and George- George Michael's Cousin and Confidant Andreas Georgiou Shares Family Photos and Talks Openly of Their Life Together and the Star's Recent Traumas Interview by Susan Rozsnyai

George Michael and Kate Moss embraced each other during the making of the video for 'White Light' in June 2012

A style icon through four decades, George Michael's life in pictures

Kate Moss is taking fans through the keyhole of George Michael's north London home in an upcoming unprecedented Channel 4 documentary. Planned before George died, Kate has now been seen.

George Michael, Ph, Mars, Instagram, March

George Michael / Wham

This picture hung on my wall during the "Faith" years! Believe it's why I love men in white shirts and jeans to this day!

Джордж Майкл | All About George Michael

Джордж Майкл | All About George Michael

George Michael fan - not one bit ashamed either.

Twenty-eight years after pop duo Wham! parted ways, one half of the band, George Michael, hinted the pair could be reuniting very soon!