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Summer Fontana, Hope Mikaelson, Vampire Diaries, The Originals, Vampires, Originals, Vampire Bat, The Vampire Diaries, The Vamps

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Pilot Season: Claire Holt Joins Vampire Diaries Spin-Off The Originals

I love how they make Hayley older now that she's a mom. I know its a seven year gap but they really did a good job on making her look older.

The Originals - keep your guard up. you smell trouble, you run. those folks back there, they had plenty of life. what you need to do is stay alive for your little girl. - Hope and Hayley

Rebekah has the  power of breaking Klaus's heart and she thinks his brother dosen't care about her unless it is for his own benefit but if he dosen't care about her why would he be heart brokendor something that she has done

I love Klaus and Rebekah's in depth relationship. Despite how controlling and cruel Klaus can be to her sometimes, I think that he really cares about her and that, in some ways, loves her more than any of his other family members.

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Joseph Morgan & Claire Holt

Joseph Morgan & Claire Holt