This is so pretty! You could do the flower crown as a DIY with elastic and flowers from the craft store and make it to fit around your bun/top knot.

Idée Couleur & Coiffure Femme 2017/ 2018 : she is pretty

I'm going to be dyeing my hair purple again this weekend. Then I will post some pics. The purple from my hair from months ago has faded enough. Time for a touch up. Here's another beautiful purple hair picture in the meantime

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Gorgeous, natural blonde hair with highlights that transitions into a lavender and then deep purple through the tips. Goldwell Elumen colour was used

Use your bobby pins as graphic hair accessories

29 Hairstyling tricks Every Girl Should Know - Use your bobby pins as graphic hair accessories. geometry, geometric look, long hair, hipster

wow. i barely recognized her in this picture. it's leda.. well, i really like…

{open} Leda] I sat up on the school roof avoiding gym class. I sigh and hug my knees close to my chest. It was a bit chilly out. I flinched when I felt you wrap your jacket around me.