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Always thinking about you..

You've got me thinking about being wrapped up in you, and the way you taste, and how your lips feel against mine.

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"Liv truly knew she was a lady as much as her sister was. But she was also a warrior, and she was going to fight.

and im sorry if you were treated like this. this goes to all girls and BOYS.

and im sorry if you were treated like this.


Just handle the girls carefully. And yea this girl cries herself to sleep just sometimes. And the girls smile yea its fake. yea this girl.

One day he's gonna know everything

loving from a distance is hard.loving something you can't have is harder.but most importantly.falling in love regardless of the circumstances is worth every minute of it.

Except you let me fall flat to the ground not together like you said tony

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I can be myself, angry, sad, hurt, and she gives me the strength to pick myself up and move on!