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GERMAN is widely spoken around the World - especially in the EU. It is a largely PHONETIC Language that has EVOLVED over the years. What is WRITTEN is usually what is SPOKEN -- thus making the Language a JOY to LEARN. If you need a FUN and EASY-to-FOLLOW

Time has proven that it's hard for me not to read the sight word "die" for us when trying to say dee in German. :-S German Grammar - Gender - Angelika's German Tuition & Translation

ein #Quiz über #Berufe, da kann man die Tätigkeiten beschreiben und die #Kinder erraten dann den Beruf


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Im Haus

Im Haus

Learn German, German Language, Student-centered Resources, Material, Worksheets, Teaching Ideas, Foreign Language, Study German, Studying Informationen. Mein Wohnort. Informationen. Mein Wohnort.

Tabelle zu Komparativ und Superlativ - learn German,grammar,superlative,comparative,german

The comparison of adjectives in English: To form the comparative of an adjective, English adds -er to .