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Lichtherz und Finsterbrecher - legendär - 1 hand schwert krumm
Final whip sword concept -"Scott pilgrim vs the World" pencil and photoshop (8.5x11") -2009
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Nature can be so close with Cristal Bubble (Travel Gadgets Mom)
this could work, it has no guard, but that doesn't mean its useless. and you can compensate with a right fighting style.
latest (800×569)
bayonetta weapon concept art - Google Search
Hinettore: I have yet to figure out what is going on here, although I do love where it is going.
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Murasama, Jack Reynard on ArtStation at
ArtStation - Weapons, Krot Art
Team CACD - Cyrus -Bahg Jager by crazyfoxmimi
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