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I like this.

Funny pictures about The Internet Nowadays. Oh, and cool pics about The Internet Nowadays. Also, The Internet Nowadays photos.

You Should Probably Check Your Change Right Now

You Should Probably Check Your Change Right Now

Native American horoscope Otter: Jan 20 - Feb 18 Wolf: Feb 19 – Mar 20 Falcon: Mar 21 – Apr 19  Beaver: Apr 20 – May 20  Deer: May 21 – Jun 20 Woodpecker: Jun 21 – Jul 21 Salmon: Jul 22 – Aug 21 Bear: Aug 22 – Sep 21 Raven: Sep 22 – Oct 22  Snake: Oct 23

Native American horoscope, interesting how similar it is to the western zodiac despite their never coming into contact with each other.

Adoring Prom Date by Bryan Steingard — 2015 National Geographic Photo Contest

Last summer, like most high school seniors, Steingard attended his prom. However, he decided to make his prom photos extra special by posing with his date — his cat, Ruby.

A very realistic wolf animation with very relaxing background music...?

[Poetry]Incredible Technology models a wolf with incredible accuracy.

So cool to be able to wear a quarter as jewelry!

How to Make a Coin Ring From a Quarter

In this Instructable I will show how I was able to make a ring from a regular US quarter. I have done a previous Instructable making a silver spoon into a ring as.

The adventures of business cat. I don't know why I find this so funny!

The adventures of business cat.

"Eat The Fish!"

"Eat The Fish!"

The guy's face in the tenth panel kills me. He's just like, "Fish? are you kidding me?" I wish this was true because then all I had to do was eat the fish and I would become a mermaid