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A friend on Facebook shared this slide from her class. The difference between urban suburban and rural.

The difference between urban, suburban, and rural - FunSubstance

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Hipsters will hate me forever (Part III)

Hipsters will hate me forever (Part III)

thats actually very smart

I've just started programming this is rlly helpful I'll remember this

Oh the accuracy<< YAAAAS

Im a cat person, i have 9 catsssss---I'm a grass person as I don't have any pets but I have a lot of grass.<<<I'm sorry to say I'm not a grass person, although I do like cats and dogs


My kids are always accusing me of having a "favorite child" which is ridiculous because i don't really like any of them.

Being a Good Writer is 3% talent and 97% NOT being distracted by the Internet- (Hello, I'm Brandy, and I'm an internet addict.)

Being a good writer is talent and not being. - Being a good writer is talent and not being distracted by the internet!