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Truth! lol this happens to me all the time!

I am that way with Diet Coke. When they say is Diet Pepsi ok, I say no, could you go grab me a Diet Coke at the carryout?

Volleyball realization…

My kids were volleyball pros and they never knew it! (Volleyball is just a really intense version of "don't let the balloon touch the floor")

Shoes Waiting In Line - That's How We Should Wait

Funny pictures about Queue level: extreme laziness. Oh, and cool pics about Queue level: extreme laziness. Also, Queue level: extreme laziness.

Pineapple, Girly, Pine Apple, Girly Girl

I'ma do that now XD

10 Single Memes Today! #5 Single Bells, Single Bells, Single All The Way.

Your relationship is an inspiration for me to stay single. Gilmore girls memes: Cats don& care if you& crazy. Call me old fashioned, but holding hands is a big deal to me. I& single because I don& need anyone to ruin my lifeI& ruining it.

♡| Sorry Chia, lerv you (and I know somewhere in that cold, dark little heart of your's, you can learn to lerv me too)

as a barista let me just say there's a special place in hell for you

Lord of the Rings humor - The wizard will now install your software!

60 Today’s Most Funny Memes (#229)

60 Today’s Most Funny Memes (#229)

Kevin Hart!:) this is my sister Rubie for sure lmfbooooooooo....

I hate when I say "I hate everyone" and that one dumb bitch is like haha except me no especially you