tableros de botellas.

Enjoy every part of the wine you drink, from cork to bottle. I'm a huge advocate of recycling wine bottles and corks. In fact, we reused several corks and bottles at my wedding as table number holders.

Walnut Serving Board : Hexagon: Remodelista

Walnut Serving Board : Hexagon

walnut serving board in hexagon shape against white wall and white marmer counter.

Walnut Cutting & Serving Board

Cutting & Serving Board

Black Walnut Cutting Board

Black Walnut Cutting Board

Serving Board, In Kitchen, Kitchen Essentials, White Marble, Cutting Boards, Iowa, Spoons, Wood Wood, Cuttings

Large Cutting Board Chopping Board Live Edge by GrayDogWoodworks

Large Cutting Board, Chopping Board, Live Edge Cutting Board, Bread Board

Black Walnut Cutting Board | QUITOKEETO

Black Walnut Cutting Board

A beautiful, large black walnut cutting board. Made from sustainably farmed trees. We love it because it stays flat, and a great size for real kitchen work.

25 Creative DIY Wooden Spoons Crafts

25 Creative DIY Wooden Spoons Crafts

Spotted (and admired) on the table at a recent dinner party: a sturdy, handmade butcher block with a patchwork-like pattern. The boards are the work o

Patchwork Cutting Boards from an Oakland Design Studio

Jacob May Heirloom Cutting Board - White Oak heirloom-quality serving boards from QUITOKEETO

MaterialTraditionally cutting boards were made from maple but any challenging wood will succeed. They don't have to be bland and unattractive, they ca...

2013 Heavy Table Local Gift Guide -The Heavy Table – Minneapolis-St. Paul and Upper Midwest Food Magazine