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Tara McPherson, one of my all time favourite illustrators. Her hollow hearts are so poignant, and hit a chord with me.

Tara McPherson’s “I Know It By Heart.” Currently... - SUPERSONIC ART

supersonicart: “ Tara McPherson’s “I Know It By Heart.” Currently showing in Rome, Italy at Dorothy Circus Gallery is artist Tara McPherson’s solo show, “I Know it by Heart.

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love the color palate and style used to connect this series. "Wandering Luminations" Tara McPherson

Tara McPherson "Wandering Luminations" @ Jonathan LeVine Gallery, NYC

‘Wandering Luminations’, 2013 [Oil on linen, stretched over panel] by Tara McPherson in beautiful.


With every new body of work that Tara McPherson (HF Collected Edition creates, there is a common theme and evolution to the next. Her upcoming show at Dorothy Circus gallery, “I Know It By…