hanging bottles in witches kitchen

A couple of ingredient bottles hang at the ready. This recipe calls for one cup of Ghoul Gore and Guts cooking oil and a tablespoon of Yeti Mucus. great to hang from branches, etc.

crafty lil' thing: Our Lil Potion Bottles

I want to get rid of all the packaging from my shampoo face creams etc and replace into creepy potion bottles with my own labels 👍 youth potion, ultra beauty potion, perfect hair potion 😂

Take a look at this Black Magic Potion Bottle Set on zulily today!

Pair these frightfully fun potion bottles with some cotton cobwebs for spine-tingling décor on any mantel or tabletop. Ghoulishly delightful, they're sure to star in the macabre collection for All Hallows' Eve.

2014 Halloween nightmare before christmas Jack skellington jar props - bottle, diy #Halloween #Decor #Crafts

Geek in Wonderland: Mini Movie Sets in Tiny Terrariums: Tim Burton's Nightmare Before Christmas Terrarium

potion bottles

Potion Bottles

These are some of the potion bottles I use to decorate for Halloween. I made them from glass containers decorated with polymer clay, paint, flat glass marbles,.