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Image of the Crab Nebula taken by NASA's Hubble Space Telescope. The Crab Nebula is a six-lightyear wide expanding remnant of a star's supernova explosion.

butterfly nebula

I fucking love space! Butterfly Nebula - NGC 6302 lies about light-years away in the arachnologically correct constellation Scorpius.

Soul Nebula

Soul Nebula (Sharpless LBN is emission nebulae in Cassiopeia a constellation in the northern sky.

Das Hubble-Weltraumteleskop zeigt uns das Universum von seinen schönsten Seiten.

20 atemberaubende Bilder des Kosmos

The Age of Insight: How the Cross-Pollination of Art and Science in Early Vienna Shaped Modern Culture


The Eye of God~~Dust and the Helix Nebula ~ Dust makes this cosmic eye look red. The eerie Spitzer Space Telescope image shows infrared radiation from the well-studied Helix Nebula (NGC a mere 700 light-years away in the constellation Aquarius

Tarantula Nebula - also known as 30 Doradus & NGC 2070 - located light-years away from Earth in the large Megalannic Cloud (a neighboring galaxy). Although I hate the name it is beautiful.


Cosmic Microwave Background Measurements are Vital to Understanding the Origin of the Universe

Galaxies: Cette incroyable découverte devrait changer notre perception de l'Univers et de son immensité:notre galaxie ferait partie d'un superamas cent fois

Des scientifiques ont recensé 8000 galaxies et ont fait une incroyable découverte

(we're the red dot) Laniakea is Hawaiian for "immeasurable heaven", mapped only in 2014 using velocities, this is our home of the Milky Way spiral galaxy & other galaxies as our neighbours in a galactic supercluster

NGC 6888 - Crescent Nebula, is a cosmic bubble about 25 ly across, blown by winds from its central, bright, massive star. NGC central star is classified as a Wolf-Rayet star (WR NGC 6888 is about 5000 light years away in the constellation Cygnus.

Seepferdchen in der Großen Magellanschen Wolke  Credit: NASA, ESA und Mario Livio (STScI)

Seepferdchen in der Großen Magellanschen Wolke Credit: NASA, ESA und Mario Livio (STScI)

Resultado de imagen

Star Cluster NGC 2074 in the Large Magellanic Cloud Hubble peered into a small portion of the nebula near the star cluster NGC 2074 (top). The region is a firestorm of raw stellar creation, perhaps.

The Sword of Orion

“ This is a deep image of the Sword of Orion - the three stars that make up the weapon hanging off the belt of this famous celestial hunter. The image showcases the amazing mix of physical and optical.

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Researchers have detected a streamer of gas flowing from a massive outer disc toward the inner reaches of a binary star system. Half of Sun-like stars are born in binary systems.

83. A TINY HERMIT CRAB CLOSE-UP  Photograph by sleepychinchilla on Flickr

A TINY HERMIT CRAB CLOSE-UP. this happened to me several times in Florida. just holding a shell, out pops a crab, I scream and then throw it.

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Gooey Hot Fudge Sauce

Super close-up yellow ghost crab - omg, I just want to give 'im a big smooch! He's so cute!!

Photo about Alert ghost crab (Ocypode ryderi) on the beach, South Africa - 698121