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,z profilu. by ireneusz irass walędzik - Photo 3809862 -

“Jason’s mask” Harvestman Spider. Woah. That is crazy!

Jason mask harvestman (Simambea sp nov, Discosomaticinae, Cosmetidae) by Arthur Anker

Argia vivida Damselfly. Photo by Thomas Shahan with reversed lens setup.

Blue Damselfly (Argia vivida) Damselflies are predatory, preying on small insects such as flies and mosquitoes. Some larger species have even been observed to eat spiders, plucking them directly from.

Love the color

Amazing nature photography by Magda Wasiczek (that is one beautiful pink caterpillar!

Sorry folks! PHOTO SHOPPED. We've been punked! Elephant Bee not real.

Elephant Bee, nature amazes me? Although interesting photo it apears photo shopped. Have you ever seen a bee with Tusks?

10 Insetos mais bizarros do MUNDO! - Super Noticiário

Also known as the "Robin Moth", Cecropia moths are the largest moth found in North America, often achieving a wingspan of six inches. They range across the entire eastern two-thirds of the continent to the Rocky Mountain range. - (Photo by: Jay Cossey)

Peucetia viridans (aka green lynx #spider) by Aloke Sahu.

Peucetia viridans (aka green lynx spider) by Aloke Sahu. Never thought I'd say this, but that is a darn beautiful spider!

Blanco y Negro

Forest Sheild Bug (Nymph) - Pentatoma rufipes, Alawwa, Sri Lanka by Nuwan Chathuranga