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Vampire Diaries: The Complete Fifth Season 5

Hot passionate

17 Hot Damon Salvatore Quotes That'll Ruin Real Life Romance For You "I don't know what to say, or do, or think! All I know is right now, I wanna rip your clothes off right here in the middle of this hall and throw you in one of these classrooms and kis

Pin for Later: A Tribute to Damon Salvatore, the Ultimate Vampire Bad Boy  See?

A Tribute to Damon Salvatore, the Ultimate Vampire Bad Boy

I don't watch Vampire Diaries, but I can appreciate how GORGEOUS Ian is!

"And the evil slut vampire who only loved herself" #TVD #Damon #Katherine

"Katherine: The brother who loved me too much and the brother who didn't love me enough. Damon: And the evil slut vampire who only loved herself." In all seriousness though, is Damon really in a position to be calling other people sluts?

TV Time - Episode Comment

TV Time - Episode Comment

1) Passive Aggressiveness- The more mature infp will not resort to this, as they grow and learn to express their anger despite of their introverted feeling but an immature infp will often express...

Hot Damon Salvatore Quotes That Will Ruin Real-Life Romance for You

22 coisas que só loucos por livros entenderão (GIFS).

22 coisas que só loucos por livros entenderão (GIFS)

Ian Somerhalder - Ian's Smile Appreciation Thread Because everytime Ian smiles a baby unicorn is born - Page 15 - Fan Forum

That awkward moment..... Lol

Which Vampire Diaries Guy Is Your Ideal Boyfriend?

it's stupid, whatever. guilty pleasure.

the vampire diaries, tvd, and damon image

Yup...I'm gonna die alone!

damon (ian somerhalder), stefan (paul wesley) and klaus (joseph morgan) in the vampire diaries

Damon or Stefan? lol

Damon or Stefan? Even Stefan chooses Damon!


The Vampire Diaries "and for you to dot dot dot" haha Davison Davison Davison Jones Culligan Culligan Culligan Garrett Walters Walters Walters Cauley Johnson

Damon and Elena.  One of my favorite moments of all time.

Oh Damon, you know the eye thing you do ;) The Vampire Diaries - Damon and Elena

Season 2 Check out the best quotes from The Vampire Diaries season 2 as we continue to celebrate 100 episodes with our favorite Mystic Falls residents. We began our journey with 22 quotes from The Vampire Diaries season 1, and they reminded us of all the crazy twists and turns that began this story. Now it’s time for season 2 to have its day, and hopefully you’ll recognize an iconic line or two.

TVD Season 2 - quotes from ea episode!

The Vampire Diaries | Paul Wesley, Nina Dobrev, Ian Somerhalder

Sexy New Vampire Diaries Poster

The Vampire Diaries (TV series, 2009 to present): A high school girl (Elena Gilbert as Nina Dobrev) is torn between two vampire brothers (Paul Wesley as Stefan Salvatore and Ian Somerhalder as Damon Salvatore).

aw Damon! :') Delena - Season 2 - The Vampire Diaries. ♥

Damon & Elena - Season 2 - The Vampire Diaries.