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Supernatural easter. I think that Gabriel is taking pictures of Castiel and then Sam and dean pop out and cas is in love

So to explain what happens: Gabriel is taking pictures of Cas and then the Easter egg opens and out pops Sam and Dean. So Cas takes Dean and Gabe takes Sam.

"OK....?" "Promise me, please?" "Fine, yeah I promise. But may I ask why?" "I...don't want you to see me...not yet, not until I can get cleaned up." I gulp. What have they done to him?

Writing prompt "OK." "Promise me, please?" "Fine, yeah I promise.not yet, not until I can get cleaned up." I gulp.

It wouldn't surprise me a bit if they threw Jesus in the mix. We have angels and demons, including archangels, Lucifer, and the king of hell. We have had reapers. Death himself. The four horsemen of the apocalypse. We have had the Easter bunny, Cupid. We have had the deities of nearly every world religion, including God and his sister. I'm frankly surprised Jesus hasn't shown up yet, considering we are on what? The 12th season? 13th? I've lost count lol.

I thought it said it killed Jesus and I spent a few minutes trying to remember if I missed an episode and if I was caught up

I would read the fuck outta this

And then all of the demons slowly become more protective of this person until they become the most powerful human to ever live