Girl of the Hour, Rolf Armstrong ca. 1920’s

vintagegal: “ “Girl of the Hour” by Rolf Armstrong c. ” ‘Girl of the Hour’ - 1923 - by Rolf Armstrong (American,

elegant-lust:  Zoë Mozert

isadorajoshua: Irresistible by Zoë Mozert – born Alice Adelaide Moser, was an American illustrator. She was one of the early Century’s most famous pin-up artists and models.

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Rolf armstrong 1929 large pin-up poster sized print cherie art deco flapper rare

wt benda lady illustration

Wladyslaw Theodore Benda (1873-1948)

I have always admired the work of WT Benda, his art and illustrations are so evocative of their era, he was a major influence in fashion, .

Rolf Armstrong 1889-1960 | American Pin-up painter

Rolf Armstrong ~ Pin-up painter