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Nico and his "Protecting Squad" scaring the hell out of Percy, this headcanon is…

Haha ITS TRUE THOUGH. sherlock's insane, doctor who's illogical yet big hearted, supernaturals kinda scary, harry potter is just everyone and always, and the pjato fandom is proudly the odd child...

We are probably the weirdest fandom next to the Sherlock fandom who once stalked Bennedict Cumberbatch's hair <<< Nah. I think we're the weirdest fandom

Now I'm imagining a whole bunch of guys throwing apples at a girl and she's just yelling "HECK NO" back.

one of many awesome percabeth proposals.<<<<I have thrown an apple at a girl in Greece. Do I hear wedding bells?

pjo percabeth - Google-Suche

Best Percabeth moment ever! There are some head canons that are stupid, but I totally see this happening.

Piper's First Charmspeak #HaHaHa

It's all connected. Like the pink poodle was Piper's. This is fate people!<- The pink poodle was Piper's?