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Hans Rudi Erdt, Problem Cigarettes, 1912

Hans Rudi Erdt -Problem Cigarettes, 1912 - Hans Rudi Erdt - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Julius Klinger, Werbeplakat, um 1907.

quincourier: “ Julius Klinger - 1909 (Apologies for the bad reproduction quality- photographed from a book, unfortunately) I am not a fan of centaurs, but I had not previously considered centaurs in.

✨ Beatrice Mallet - Les Maisons d'Enfants de la Côte d'Azur, 1936

Les Maisons DEnfants by Mallot 1930 France - Vintage Poster Reproduction. This vertical French travel poster features a group of children in bathing suits playing on the beach with a large red ball in the sand.

Beggerstaff (Sir William Nicholson & James Pryde), 1900

Poster for Kassama Corn Flour, Beggarstaffs (William Nicholson and James Pryde) Probably their most famous work. Again, done with cut paper and stencil. Some of their posters were 12 feet tall.