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concept robots: Concept robots by Patrick Faulwetter

Mech vs Supercar via Patrick Faulwetter Studio. (via Patrick Faulwetter Studio)

21083602_10154954507975765_2836391031847987317_o.jpg (1127×2048)

21083602_10154954507975765_2836391031847987317_o.jpg (1127×2048)

Hi its been a while. enjoy using pencil on paper then lots of photoshop image © MD_NOMANSNODEAD

Eliott Lilly Concept Art

Eliott Lilly Concept Art - This concept would make a good starting point for exploring how a bipedal combat drone might look. For example something like this might fit a heavy support role.


Nuthin’ But Mech Site B: Patrick Faulwetter

scifi-fantasy-horror: “ by Alex Figini ”

scifi-fantasy-horror: by Alex Figini