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Jurisch Motoplan 1957

“coffeenuts: Microcar Jurisch Motoplan Prototype 1957 - 1 by Fine Cars on…

Microcar RM Auctions Bruce Weiner 04 by Fine Cars, via Flickr.

1959 Goggomobil Transporter Pickup "Coca-Cola" The Bruce Weiner Microcar Museum

1951 Reyonnah Microcar

The Bruce Weiner Microcar Museum will sell off its prized possessions with the help of RM Auction on Many of the petite post-WW II vehicles are i.

The 1955 Bambino 200: Looks like a car that would be in a Jetsons cartoon >

BAMBINO - 200 - 1955 Alweco in Veghel onder de naam ‘Bambino’ in licentie wordt…

1954-58 David Convertible.

David (Spain) Three-Wheel Micro-Car with Single Cylinder two-Stroke Air-Cooled engine


1955 Ferrari 410 Berlinetta Special in Yellow -Classic and Vintage Sports Cars Thanks Tomas Possenti

In 1990 Nissan paired a retro exterior with a modern interior and named it the Figaro.Read our guide and discover why over 20 years later this car is still incredibly sought after. #GoCar

The Nissan Figaro is a small retro car manufactured by Nissan. The car was originally sold only in Japan. Despite this, the Nissan Figaro has become popular with owners in the UK and Ireland, given.

The Electric One Person Car.        Description    This electric, highway-legal, three-wheeled, single passenger vehicle combines the functionality of an electric car with the maneuverability and scale of a motorcycle. With a range of 30 miles per charge, it operates with zero emissions and uses less than half the energy of todays most efficient hybrid vehicles.

The Electric One Person Car - Hammacher Schlemmer--it's a rolling banana! or a duck bill!

Microcar Peel P50 - 1964 - 1 by Fine Cars, via Flickr.

1964 Peel - The smallest production car ever built. SPECIFICATIONS Manufacturer: Peel Engineering Co. Origin: Peel, Isle of Man Production: est.

1955 Grataloup. Built by a Frenchman, last name Grataloup, of spare parts he found. It’s kind of well put together, with the engine essentially under the driver’s seat, but exposed on the right side of the body. It’s a single-cylinder Villiers two-stroke of 247cc making 7.5 horsepower. It’s normal sized twin front wheels help it reach 52 mph. It’s the only one ever built and they aren’t even sure when it was built. The man just showed up with it one day at Citroen garage in France.

Autoweek to cover RM's Bruce Weiner Micro Car Auction Live: Microcar freak-out is nigh

1948 buick streamliner

1948 buick streamliner

Porsche 356 Speedster

Porsche Carrera GT

Porsche 356 Speedster - I definitely like this design rather than today's UFO like Porsches.

1956 heinkel kabine 153 - Google Search

1956 Heinkel Kabine 153 - this qualifies as more of a weird ride than an awesome ride.