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sui heavy destroyer blazing sun - Google Search

sui heavy destroyer blazing sun - Google Search

Ski's Wargames: Empire of the Blazing Paint Job

Knocked out four more ships today. The Dystopian Wars Japanese fleet overhaul is going well.



EobS+19.jpg (1600×793)

Empire of The Blazing Sun by Spellscape

The Shire and everything after: Dystopian Wars - The Second Battle of Sarigan

In the hot ocean north east of Sarigan Island near the Marianas, the French and Blazing Sun fleets continue to spar with each other.

Tales of the Bitter Seas - Dystopian Wars Blog: Chinese Federation Western Tide Fleet

In preparation for the new Alliance fleets I will be posting my painted Alliance fleets. One of which should be easy to guess based on t.

Dystopian Wars Gallery | Spartan Games

As cogs whir and metal creaks, the goliaths of Dystopian Wars bring plans of war to life; see them here in the Dystopian Wars Gallery!

Too Much Free Time: Dystopian Wars Blazing Sun Reinforcements - WIP

On the painting table this week are some reinforcements for my Empire of the Blazing Sun fleet: These are the "Japanese" faction from Spa.

battleshipcruisers1schrift1.jpg (900×522)

Dystopian Wars - League of Italian States fleet

med_gallery_355_84_92243.jpg (640×285)

med_gallery_355_84_92243.jpg (640×285)

EoBS Corvettes photo PaintingComp_July2012_Pic2.jpg

EoBS Corvettes Photo: stage picture for July 2012 Spartan Games painting competition.