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Rainbow Acropora Coral

Rainbow Acropora Coral

A. Papillare "Blue Matrix"

Show off your Rarest/Most Colorful SPS corals

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Information on the reproductive habits of over 300 stony coral species (in almost 100 genera) is presented. It is the most complete single-source reference currently available.

Aquarium Corals: Making Corals Colorful: New Information on Acropora species

Purple tip acropora

This thread is intended to be a general guideline for different species and subspecies of corals ranging from SPS (Small Polyp Stony Coral), LPS (Long Polyp.

Blue tip staghorn coral

Blue-tipped staghorn coral, Acropora sp.

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Click this image to show the full-size version. It is an item for sale, must be for a salt water tank.

Ricordea Anemone  If you translate the name “Ricordea”, it likely means “1000 pearls”.  Ricordeas are also called “wrong Florida corals”. They are a type of “anemone”, therefore not “real” coral. They come from the family of the Corallimorpharian, that occur in different colors of orange and green to neon-green and shining blue.  Ricordeas anemones grow to a diameter of 4 to 10 cm and can show up to six mouth-openings per animal.

Orange Ricordea, mushroom coral - I love mushroom corals more than any other coral type.