pastel dreads <3

I love her dreads. I am not getting any more, I've had two at the most, but I have one that I can show off when I want and hide when I want and I love it. Finding different beads is my favorite part - etsy is my favorite dread-bead friend !


32 Long Hairstyles for 2015 - Popular Hairstyles We Love

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i need my hair dreaded again....they were starting to look like this before i brushed em out :(

55 Elephant Tattoo Ideas

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If you like tattoos get in here (40 Photos)

Of I ever got a sleeve this is how I would want to look, hair, outfit, tats. This girl is doing sexy right. I love the dream catcher and the white tiger!

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Tatuajes de la Mano de Fátima o Hamsa: significado, ejemplos y más!

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Girls With Dreads (16 photos)

Bob Marley made dreads trendy. Lots of people in Jamaica had such a hairstyle. Now people all over the world wear it. It looks not very nice. But girls looks cute with it ; Girls With Dreads photos)