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True feminists know that women don’t have to kill their children to attain equality with men. True feminists know that their power to create new human life is the ultimate equalizer.

Feira GRL PWR reúne 30 marcas bafônicas (e autorais) no Arouche

Feira GRL PWR reúne 30 marcas bafônicas (e autorais) no Arouche

"Feminist: a person who believes in social, political and economic equality of the sexes.

Mañana es el Día Internacional de la Mujer – 8 de marzo La condición  actual de mujeres y hombres tiene que ver con la relación de dominación-subordinación que la sustenta: las bases. Los actores de la dominación tienen una estrategia muy clara para que los subordinados crean que son pocos, que están desunidos y que …

As are racism, classism, ageism, abled bodyism, .All are forms of what Elisabeth Schussler Fiorenza calls "kyriarchy"

Slut-shaming is defined as putting down or thinking badly about people (especially women) based on their expression of their sexuality. And it’s bad news.

Slut-shaming is defined as putting down or thinking badly about women based on their expression of their sexuality. Slutshaming is never ok.

Rape culture, (and she is not a fish, you are both humans so grow up and act like some)

"Slut shaming is rape culture. Virgin praising is rape culture. Women are entitled to wear what they want, when they want. It shouldn't be up to them to look out for rapists, it should be up to men

Women do NOT need to become male'like in order to be treated equally. Embrace your femininity as your strength if it is how you feel! If women must become like men in order to be seen as equal, then in essence, the men have won again. They have stripped us of who we are and converted us into "them". POWER in the FEMININE!


feminine is not anti-feminism, and feminism CAN incorporate feminine things.

Taylor Swift | 17 Celebrities Who Have The Right Idea About Feminism <-----It makes me so happy that I can repin a Taylor Swift quote on a feminist board.

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift is another great advocate for having feminist ethics and supporting women! She is a great feminist role model because she has such great views and ideas.

“Today’s food for thought. What’s the worst that could happen? #HeForShe #likeagirl #feminist

HeForShe on

Trans activists WANT to uphold gender. If the rest of us eliminate the binary, there is no binary for them to cross;

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One bad-ass, feminine unicorn.

Although some people forget, this is my intention, at least.

Feminism is for everyone. Feminism means equality for all. Being the feminist streetwear brand that Millioneiress is, we want to make it clear that just because we are pro women does not mean we are antimen.