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Bangtan representing my life xD

I really shouldn't be laughing so hard at this. but it's pretty funny :P inaccurate about my life but funny.


me all time when it comes to kpop and kdrama but in reality I'm actually pretty popular 😏

Poor kookie>> They are all so savage!! >> I know right i love em all

Poor kookie and poor tae tae OMG the roast doe

I'm both but I just can't do the splits haha

Sadly, I think I am worst then SUGA. X) <<< Proud to say that I'm at least Jimin level! not to boast or anything but. *Clearly boasting*<<<<im proudly suga level

I do this all the time. Lol sometimes I'm way to lazy so I just leave the light on for my sister to shut off. ^^

When you remember that one time you said Charlie Puss instead of charlie puth

Isso se não rolar vkook, jikook, entre outros shipps... Aí diminui os integrantes disponiveis pras armys ;-; mas eu ia ficar bem feliz se meus shipps se realizassem enfim

Over 7 billion people are in this world. only 7 of them will marry BTS, and i will not be one of them:( 😭😭😭 May the odds ever be in ur favor