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We succeeded in cultivation of live B. burgdorferi sensu lato spirochetes from samples of humans who suffered from undefined disorders, had symptoms not typical for Lyme borreliosis, but undergone antibiotic treatment due to suspicion of having Lyme disease even though they were seronegative.  #LymeDiseaseChallenge #LymeIsEverywhere

Isolation of live Borrelia burgdorferi sensu lato spirochaetes from patients with undefined disorders and symptoms not typical for Lyme borreliosis

Dr. Oz talked about the dangers of Lyme disease, which has affected stars like Avril Lavigne and is on the rise. http://www.wellbuzz.com/dr-oz-general-health/dr-oz-how-to-avoid-lyme-disease-avril-lavigne-health-struggle/

Oz: How to Avoid Lyme Disease & Avril Lavigne Health Struggle

For the first time ever, Dr. Kerry Clark, University of North Florida associate professor of public health, and his colleagues have found two species of Lyme disease bacteria previously unknown to infect humans in patients. These two Lyme disease species, Borrelia americana and Borrelia andersonii, were found in symptomatic patients living in the Southeastern United States. The commonly found lone star tick was implicated in some of these cases.

Media Relations - UNF Professor Discovers Two Lyme Bacterial Species Can Infect Humans

This ABC item paints a pretty clear picture of the daily struggle of Lyme patients | Behind the Headlines: Lyme Disease

This ABC item paints a pretty clear picture of the daily struggle of Lyme patients