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The Truth about the Samoan Tattoo (Tatau)

Contrary to the instructions in the legend, women DO get tattooed, actually. The malu is what we call the girl version of our body art, but the protocol surrounding the malu is completely different from that of the malofie.

polynesian designs and patterns | Spine Tattoo Design for Men of Maori Polynesian Design and Pattern

A collection of Polynesian tattoo designs. This showcase includes sketches for artists and example pictures for tattoo lovers.

Cool Polynesian Tattoo Designs for Women

Cool Polynesian Tattoo Designs for Women

tiki tattoos | Does anyone have Tiki Tattoos? -- Tiki Central

Below mentioned are some of the best, unique and traditional Marquesan tattoos for men and women. If you are ink freak, you can try to get them engraved on.