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The infamous door - OoP, "Seen and Unforseen"

Order of the Phoenix, Chapter art - chapter 26 - Seen and Unforseen

OoP, "Educational Decree Number Twenty-Four"

Order of the Phoenix, Chapter art - chapter 17 -Educational Decree Number Twenty-Four

I've been thinking about getting an HP tattoo -- I like the idea of Harry flying on his broom behind my ear sort of

How to Play Quidditch at Home

Snape takes Harry’s book, leading to Harry seeing Snape’s injured leg. Harry’s first Quidditch match against Slytherin in which someone jinxes his broom but he catches the Snitch and wins anyway. Hagrid later lets a secret slip.

Krum - GoF, "The Quidditch World Cup"

Mary GrandPre: Harry Potter Illustration ~The Quidditch World Cup~