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Scarlett surrounded by the devastation of war

Scarlett (played by vivien leigh) Surrounded by wounded and dead soldiers in Civil War Movie Gone With The Wind

" Captured! Oh, thank heavens, then he isn't ....Oh, my poor Ashley in a Yankee prison!"

GWTW: the scene (Melanie learns Ashley was captured during the war)

"Gone With the Wind": Clark Gable/Rhett Butler & daughter, Bonnie Blue Butler, played by Cammie King.

I cry every time I see this movie. I ♡ Bonnie Blue Butler amd Rhett.

Унесённые ветром / Gone with the ..

"Gone With the Wind"🎬 In the movie, Bonnie Blue Butler/Cammie King Conlon, may have been (Scarlett) her mommy's daughter but she was (Rhett Butler) her daddy's little girl

Melody  and Ashley

gone with the wind

vivien leigh | Vivien-Leigh-interpretando-al-_53845559534_54028874188_960_639.jpg

45 años de la muerte de Vivien Leigh

GWTW chracters

The Characters of "Gone With The Wind" -1

Characters-of-Gone-With-The-Wind. Others Lo Que El Viento Se Llevó / Gone With the Wind.

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