IMC Atlas from Titanfall

Mechs illustrated: the killer suits of 'Titanfall'

Maschinen Krieger is a line of scale models kits based on the universe created by Kow Yokoyama, Hiroshi Ichimura and Kunitaka Imai in the 80's. Description from I searched for this on

mech walker concept art design model realistic maquet robot four legged

mecas art - Pesquisa Google

Kelvin (Specialist's Mech Colonel Samuel Dalton's last mech suit worn in battle during the Acceptables fight against the Pedroxan Government during the Republic Invasion.

▇ Titianfall

This Titanfall concept has a cartoony vibe to it,this is something i would lie to have in my game.this adds a unique aspect to a game and overall will make it more enjoyable.

Need some inspiration for the end of the day? check the art of Nivanh Chanthara, concept artist at Eidos Montreal