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With wings that flutter in the pattern of an infinity symbol, hummingbirds are associated with continuity, healing, and persistence. Delicate yet strong, the hummingbird actively seeks out the sweetest nectar representing our desire for the joyous gifts i


This is actually a really pretty tattoo idea, with a dreamcatcher, anchor, compass and feathers.tattoo love this

Hummingbird idea for my first - in honour of my daughter

Hummingbird tattoos If your here you are looking to get a Hummingbird Tattoo or you are interested in the photos and designs of Hummingbirds.


Quetzal inspiration by *o-LilSweets-o on deviantART (Artist requests that if you use this as inspiration that you at least alter the design before using on yourself) this would be such an awesome tattoo I love birds

hummingbird tattoos | beautiful hummingbird temp tattoo looks great in Large Blue ...

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