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Shadow/smoke manipulation

But he will have one of the most powerful abilities and be extremely feared.

Kent was taken Captive by Lost Boys they blamed him for Peter Pans Disappearance they took him to Neverland"Please dont! I'm innocent in this moment I want my Rey respect me I beg you I didn't do it!" They beat him until he's weak-you and Aspen come charging in him with sword and pistol in hand((closed))

previous pinner: Pain shrieks in his body as he sprawls on the floor. He groans…

I remember thinking he was a little bit messy messy and a little bit ruined, but then he opened up his mind and all I could think was that he was all the way perfect

introducing harry: messy brown hair, and light green eyes- he was the love of willow's life before he was killed trying to save her (played by christopher mccrory)