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What to do with all of those left over Easter eggs.....U.P. style Pickled Eggs

For da Yooper side of me. Though I haven't been back since I graduated NMU, I want to go for a vacation in the summer at some point.

The U.P. is the BEST!...*Happy to be a Yooper!

Everyone loves to visit- including trolls. Michigan is a go to place! Lived in Marquette for a year! to the Upper Penisula of MI

Michigan State is going to take March Madness. not Duke.

This is a must-have: 4 Out Of 5 Great Lakes Prefer Michigan White Vinyl Sticker from Michigan Awesome

Michigan tee

lakes in Michigan b/c oceans scare the poop out of me! I'll take Lake Michigan over the ocean any day of the week!