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I still like making blanket forts and doodling on myself, why do they expect me to want to be anything but a unicorn?

~School~ ~History~ ~2016~

Never<< so much crap in one year future generations would hate us and come asking what happened that year. // 2016 WAS CRAP

One day, I feel like shit. The next day, I'm a queen. Lol

My self esteem has 2 levels: I am a worthless piece of shit who deserves no love Bow down before me bitches I am your queen :D :D


don't ever feel bad about how awkward you are while trying to make friends because trust me i am worse sigh>>honestly I do this but my dad always gets so mad cuz he's all "just tell the story already!

I don't know what a kahoot game is but I'm doing this<<<< what? You don't know what Kahoot is?